Monthly Archives: June 2011

What i learnt in higher computing this week…

This week in computing we mainly focused on programming. In programming there are global and local variables. A global variable is a variable which is recognised throughout all pieces of program code (i.e. if there’s more than one push button in the program). where as a local variable is only recognised within one part of a program code. there are different types of variables in programming but the two main ones used are string and integer. A string variable is a way to store letters in a program (i.e. entering your name would require the specific field to be declared as a string variable). An integer variable is a way to store whole numbers (1,2,3,4 etc) into a program. we also learnt about variable scope. Variable scope is the range that a specific variable is known throughout a program. The final thing we learnt about was something called random number generation. This is a pre-defined function that allows the programmer to request the computer to generate a random number from a specific range of numbers. For example maybe the programmer only wants the computer to pick a number within the range of 1 to 5.


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