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The Revision i did over the holidays…

Computing Christmas Revision Blog

The joys of Christmas revision.


During the Christmas holidays I was asked to do some computing revision, which I did as I do actually want to pass the subject. In total I revised about 6 and a half hours over the Christmas holidays.

What did I revise?

I mainly revised the software development section of the course because it has been a while since we touched on that. Within the section I revised each stage of the software development process (analysis, design, implementation, testing, documentation, evaluation and maintenance). I also used the flashcards on the wiki(the one day I had the opportunity to use internet as I have none due to building work. It was in no way helpful!) and I used notes which I took down in class. I revised the type of personnel used within the software development team and what each does.

I revised the computer systems topic too. The processor was the main thing I revised and also how to do most of the calculations required within these two topics. I studied the differences between RAM and ROM, the types of computers current trends and the key terms related. The Von Neumann Architecture was a great help in understanding the basic process of a computer.


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